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Most of the people at their young age think about their wealthy retirement but only a few make proper planning and investment.


Here is some bitter fact that more than 60% Indian over 60 are still working (Census data of 2011).


Its shame that when they should enjoy their retirement but they have to work for their livelihood.

Retirement Planning is an important financial goal which every working individual should start early in his career.

For the last several decade's experts’ are saying that your retirement planning starts at the start of your earnings. But rarely people follow it.

As early an individual starts investing for his retirement, the more years he gets to save and he also gets more money at the time of retirement.

The most important but at the same time, it is the most complicated question.

In books, there are so many thumb rules, 80% rule, and many more but here I am going to tell on the basis of calculation and inflation data.

Name1 Month1 Year3 YearsDiv. Yield
Dixon Technologies4.39%-28.56%33.13%0.08%
Vedanta Ltd6.34%-33.62%101.25%10.59%
Titan Company Ltd11.80%21.18%237.58%0.33%
Sundaram Finance Ltd-2.43%-7.07%19.93%0.77%
Bharti Airtel Ltd.8.27%-16.45%-5.85%1.52%
Reliance Industries Ltd11.19%54.44%160.40%0.44%
Motherson Sumi Systems-6.73%-27.79%31.47%1.03%
Mahindra & Mahindra3.72%-8.80%10.50%1.14%
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd13.10%24.17%134.90%0.17%
Infosys Ltd0.26%32.48%24.34%2.34%
HDFC Bank Ltd11.31%22.95%117.75%0.56%
Future Retail Ltd4.60%-17.60%--
Bharat Dynamics Ltd-1.24%-28.58%-1.86%
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.8.18%40.58%5.88%0.32%
Adani Port13.49%6.79%53.75%0.52%

% Wedget

  • Adani Port
  • Aurobindo Pharm
  • BDL
  • Future retail
  • Infosys
  • Jubilant Food
  • Mahindra
  • Motherson Sumi
  • Reliance
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Sundaram Finance
  • Titan
  • VEDL
  • Dixon Technologies