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It is fact that our stock market is far behind from other countries in terms of participation of people. Gallup Poll conducted in 2017 gave the data that 52 % of American adults own stocks but if you talk about India only 4 % of the adult population own stocks.

US households allocate about 35 % of their financial savings to equities where as Indian households allocate just 6 % of their financial savings to equities.

Why Indian stock market has less participation than other countries?

One of the major reasons behind low participation of stocks is lack of knowledge & awareness about the stock market.

That’s why this platform is here ..

Through our initiative  we want to increase the participation of people in Indian stock market. We educate more and more people about Stock Market, Trading and Investment so that a lot of people get knowledge about the stock market. After that you can better understand the ways of investing and you must start early to build your wealth.

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Why we are here

Our main aim is to make you an Independent trader so that you can trade by yourself and you don’t have to depend upon someone for making trading decisions. At first, we will help you to understand your current and future financial goals then we guide you to make wise investment decisions and we also help you in making your personal portfolio according to your financial goals.


Equity2commodity is a platform from where you got an opportunity to learn about Trading & Investment. You will get to know how to identify stocks based on technical and fundamental analysis.  We empower you with knowledge and information so that you can find the right stocks at the right time.You can better understand the value of your hard earned money and no one understands better than you. So, we are providing you a wonderful platform where anyone can learn about the stock market from basic to advance level. After that you can able to make trading decisions without the help of others.

"It's take drop to fill a pitcher! "

Start Investing for as little as Rs 500 Per Month.

Finally one important thing I want to tell you that a lot of people especially beginner think that investing need a lot of money. But this is just a myth. You can start investing for as little as Rs 500 per month. If you just invest Rs 500/ month for long-term still you will get a very good return. Regular and disciplined investment is the secret to building wealth.

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It seems that you worked very hard to all these useful information. I really want to appreciate your effort.

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I have seen your portfolio section. I visited so many website but never found such theme based portfolio. I really liked it. Thanks a lot for this.

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About Zerodha

Zerodha is second largest stock broker in India by active retail clients, and the largest by trading volumes on the top Indian stock exchanges. Over one million clients place several million orders every day through our powerful ecosystem of investment platforms, contributing to over 10% of all Indian retail volumes.

About Upstox

Upstox is a one of the fastest growing discount stock broker with fast, reliable & easy-to-use trading platforms. The suite of products includes native mobile applications, web trading platform, and a desktop trading platform. Upstox is a trading platform from RKSV. RKSV raises a Series A round with Kalaari Capital , Ratan Tata , & GVK Davix.